Review of Microbiology & Immunology 9th edition 2020 by Apurba Sankar Sastry & Sandhya Bhat

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Review of Microbiology & Immunology 9th edition 2020 by Apurba Sankar Sastry & Sandhya Bhat

ISBN 9789390020539


  • All the chapters have been updated with the latest epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis and treatment.
  • Newer sterilization indicators, CSSD, newer automations (MALDITOF, VITEK, BacT/ALERT VIRTUO), newer molecular methods (LAMP, Real-time PCR, Biofire FilmArray, etc.) included.
  • MRSA, VRSA, VRE, Pneumococcal vaccines, DPT vaccine, epidemiology of meningococcal meningitis, tuberculosis (leprosy), melioidosis, scrub typhus, yaws eradication program have been thoroughly updated.
  • Laboratory diagnosis, treatment and PEP of HBV and HCV updated thoroughly.
  • Nipah virus (including the Kerala outbreak, 2018), poliomyelitis (update in vaccine schedule, epidemiology, and end game strategy) included.
  • Hospital Infection Control chapter has been thoroughly updated with topics such as biomedical waste (2016 guideline, with 2018-19 amendment), needle stick injury, antimicrobial stewardship, and environmental surveillance.
  • Image-based question bank is strengthened with new images (more than 300 images are included in respective chapters). Images are incorporated in respective chapters.
  • Updated with latest references from Harrison 19th & 20th ed., Apurba Sastry’s Essentials of Medical Microbiology 2nd ed., Apurba Sastry’s Essentials of Medical Parasitology 2nd ed. Apurba Sastry’s Essentials of Hospital Infection Control 1st ed., Park 24th ed., Jawetz 27th ed. and Ananthanarayan 10th ed.
  • Only MCQ book on Microbiology written by the subject specialists and textbook authors.
  • Each chapter contains:
  • Chapterwise concise complete text in a new layout for enabling the students to study antegrade manner and important points given in separate boxes.
  • Chapterwise MCQs with detailed explanations given from previous year exams of National and State exams including DNB and NEET Pattern Questions.
  • Hundred percent authentic and correct answers with updated references.
  • More emphasis is given to the sections, like Immunology, Parasitology and Mycology.
  • Contains lots of tables, flowcharts, mnemonics which help the students for better recall.

This book is useful for Interns, students preparing for entrance exams and for second professional students.


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